October 11, 2004

Sticky Tack & Ice Block Sledding

I did the funnest thing the other night. I went sledding with no snow. What you do is you wait until its a rainy day. Then when the ground is good and muddy you go and find a big hill and slide down on ice. Half of the fun came from watching other people tumble down the hill. Of course the guys had to start being crazy and trying to climb on eachother's shoulders while doing this. I got muddy and wet and cold, but it was a really good time.

So I was over in one of my friend's room and she decided that she wanted to hang up her posters that have been in a box all semester long. There was one problem though. No Sticky Tack. Thankfully she has an RA that is a super-good hall decorator/picture-sticker-upper. So we went around and collected some of the tacky stuff and she hung up her posters. Now let me just say that when we borrowed the sticky tack we didn't take down decorations. We just took from the sides of the pictures, because there were at least 6 globs on each.

Anyways I get back to school today and on my door is a note to call when I get it. It appears that her RA noticed that some of her decorations were no longer stuck to the wall in 12 seperate places. They had a note on their board asking for whoever took it to put it back. Isn't that crazy?

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