October 12, 2004

I had a date!

I had a date! A real dinner date. Not a I like you so let's just start hanging out type thing. It was so exciting. I think one of my friends went crazy because someone ( aka me ) mentioned it so many times. I was late getting out of musical practice, so he was already here when I arrived. I made him wait a few more minutes so that I could change clothes, because I had picked out a really cute outfit earlier.

He was so nice and opened all the doors for me. Guys don't do that much anymore. We then went out to eat and talked. He talked about himself but let me talk too. It was good conversation ( unlike with some people. ) After dinner we went out for coffee, because there is NOTHING to do in St. Louis at night. I had a really good time with him. There was no "good night kiss" he just hugged me, which was really sweet. I think stuff like that is rushed much of the time. Then you get all attached and there is no substance to the relationship. I hope he askes me out again. He is a really intriging person. He's from England so he sees some things from a different perspective. Not to mention his accent is really fun to listen to. He says his family told him he talks like an American now. It's funny because he really doesn't.

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Paul H said...

We want a name, Tanya... a name... :)