March 31, 2011

New Bedroom

So I'm going to redecorate or maybe original decorate our bedroom this summer. I saw a room that is exactly what I like and I want to duplicate it. Anyone know where to find these wall decals or something similiar?


Modern Day Hannah said...

I had a friend do something similar. I can ask her. Also my sis and her husband are going to school for interior design. I could ask them.

Oldiebutgoodie said...

It looks like, in the background, there is an Ikea panel (white with leaves..sort of). Anyway, I know that Ikea has vinyl stickers. Maybe you could try there. I see that this post is from April. Hopefully, you've already gotten them!

Tanya said...

Thanks. I haven't gotten either yet, but this weekend is FINALLY painting weekend.

I found out that the wall decals were from Bed Bath and Beyond, but I think I may have an artist friend paint my tree directly on the wall.

nadine ponting said...


I've read a few things on this blog and I really do think that it has helped tremendously. There's still a heap I need to learn thus can continue learning and can keep coming back. Thanks.


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