November 2, 2010

Social Network

I had some friends invite Matt and I to go see The Social Network this evening. Basically its the semi-true Hollywood embellished story of the founder of Facebook. It was a pretty good movie, I liked it. I find it interesting though how much our lives have changed over the past 5 years or so.

Its like the creation of social networking has somehow made people less social in real life. I can learn all about your religions beliefs, relationship status and work history from your profile, but is that block of information really tell me who you are? I'm sure the things you post on your wall and the comments on your pictures can give me some insight, but really there is nothing that can replace a face to face conversation. It creates this weird dynamic of knowing all about someone, yet not having any idea of who they are.

Is it bad? Is it good? I don't really have any answers, I guess we will find out as more time goes by, but I do think that Facebook and really any type of social networking has completely changed the way we live.

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Becky said...

So happy for you getting your MBA! Way to go!

Very true. It has changed sooo much and so fast!

I worry a little bit that people are getting accustomed to short snatches of 'communication' and that people will become way more impatient in actual social settings. As though having a normal conversation were too time consuming or something. It seems to me that it's breeding a generation of people that want to tell others all about themselves but never take the time to really listen to others.