February 3, 2010

Office Wars - The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (Part 2)

Yesterday, I told the tale of the Missing Forks. Today a small plate will be featured.

Sometime after the missing forks had been returned and all was happy in dishland, I noticed something. One of my plates was sitting on the desk of a lady who sits on the other side of my cube wall. (For reference our walls are about 5 feet tall, but the top 18 inches are plexiglass, so you can see through them.) I thought she must have needed it and hasn't gotten around to returning this plate. No big deal. But day after day this plate sat on her desk. Sometimes it had items on it, sometimes it was just there as decoration. I could have asked for it back, but I don't ever have an opportunity to interact with this lady, who steals plates.

The longer it sat, the more it bothered me. "Who takes something and doesn't return it? Doesn't she care that we can see she has it?" I considered putting up a "Lost Plate" sign like I did with the forks, but decided against it. The first time it was cute, the second sign would have made me look crazy. I finally devised a plan. I would arrive extra early one morning and take it back, without saying a word to her. The plate would be returned to me, just as it was taken.

The plan worked perfectly. My small plate has been reunited with the rest of the dish family. I thought all was well until today. I looked over the wall and saw it. I'm so ashamed..... she has a full set of dishes with the same pattern as me. She piled them up in a modern art sculpture just to taunt me. Her big plate, bowl, and mug are placed boldly on top of the cabinet where I cannot miss seeing them.

It looks like its time for me to apologize because as it turns out. I am the plate thief!


Anonymous said...

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Becky said...

She may not have been taunting only you...perhaps she did that for the same person who stole your plate? Perhaps being that she has a set of her own that she has encountered the same problem. Obviously, if forks are missing and plates...someone in the office must either be klepto or must really need dishes.

But I do admire that you saw the error of your ways any which way. =)

Anonymous said...


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