February 2, 2010

Office Wars - The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (Part 1)

The Plate saga officially began way back in the fall. What happened is I had a spare set of dishes and old silverware in my cabinet at home. I thought, "Why have this stuff sitting around gathering dust? I'll bring it to work for my department to use."

So I brought the set of dishes and silverware into work. They always come in handy when someone unexpededly brings in a treat or even when you just need a fork for lunch. Things were going pretty well until one day we realized all the forks were missing! I send out an e-mail asking people to return them, but no luck. I put up a "Lost Fork" sign thinking that perhaps someone else had borrowed them.

Jackpot! The cleaning lady ratted out our neighbors saying they had used them a while back when working late and ordering chineese. They put the silverware in the kitchen, but they never were washed and returned. After much prodding they replaced the forks and eventually a few of the originals turned up back in the kitchen.

All is well in the cutlery world.

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