November 6, 2009

Fun Fall Fiction

Leaving Carolina
by Tamara Leigh

I really liked this book and shared it with my mom. It was about a girl, who left the town she grew up in ready to shake the dust from her feet. When circumstances compel her to return to Pickwick, she plans to stay for just a day or two, which turns into much longer. However, Pickwick isn't the same town she left and not only does she learn that people change, she learns she can change, too.

by Melody Carlson

I thought this book was a lot of fun. Claudette was a lady who was "past her prime" and she just wanted to give up. She even tried to end it all, but God was at work. Claudette learns a big life lesson that there is more to life than what she sees.

Diary of a Teenage Girl: What Matters Most
by Melody Carlson

What Matters Most is Book 3 is the Diary of a Teenage Girl series about Maya. She is a girl who has a less than idea life, she can live the dream or she can deal with her mother who has spent time in prison. It's an important decision and she has to figure out what is right. The series is good. I find this book, but I know my 14 year old sister has read the whole series.


Becky said...

Those all look great. Have you read the Robin Jones Gunn's Katie Weldon series? Peculiar Treasures, On a Whim and Coming Attractions? All very good. Reminded me a lot of my college years, lol.

Tanya said...

I have read the first two Katie Weldon books, but I did not know that a 3rd one was out. I will have to put in a request at the library. I love how Robin Jones Gunn's characters always interact with eachother between books.

Anonymous said...

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