August 31, 2008

Sunday's Best: Introduction

I want to start a new series. Since I have retired from the Restaurant Business Matt and I can now go to Sunday Morning Church. The Sunday night church we had been attending is geared towards college age kids and we just don't fit in there any more. I'm going to document our search for a new church. As a reference I'll probably be linking to some posts from Stuff Christians Like. Be expecting a few updates in the next few days.

Here's one of my favorite posts from that blog, just because its funny and I love Indiana Jones.

August 29, 2008

Wild Goose Chase

I'm currently reading "Wild Goose Chase" by Mark Batterson. He's pastor of a church in Washington DC. So far its pretty good, I'm reading it in small doses so what he says can really sink in. The book is about pursuing God and how its an exciting thing to do. Many Christians however don't do this because of things that get in the way such as responsibility, routine, assumptions, guilt, failure and fear. So far I am enjoying it and it really makes me think. He gives lots of examples from the Bible and makes stories fresh that I have heard many times before.

You can buy it here at Amazon, or if you are Becky from Stuck in Frump, Striving for Fab, you can e-mail me and I'll send you a free copy of the book.

August 22, 2008

I hate geese

but so far I like what I've read in Wild Goose Chase Reclaim the Adventure of Pursing God by Mark Batterson. I will be giving away a copy of it on my blog next week, when I post my review of the book. If you're interested leave a comment and if you have a goose story that's even better.

And here is my completely unrelated to the book goose story.

Once upon a time I was a nice sweet 11 year old. I was with my mom and dad while they were at some meeting, I think it was to sign paperwork when they were buying a house. I was waiting in the van and my mom had come out with me. There was a big field next to where we were parked and being the active kid I was, I went out into the field to do some cartwheels. There was this big Canadian Goose that was also in the field. I ran towards it a little bit, so it would get scared run away from me, but that isn't what happened. That goose started running towards me. As soon as I realized it I changed directions hurrying to the safety of the van. Before I reached it the goose jumped up, put both its feet on my back and pushed me down to the ground. After that, I'm sure I broke a an Olympic record racing to the van. My mom said she has never seen me move so fast. I was inside before she even had her door open. The evil demon, I mean goose, left me alone after that, but I now have a deep seated dislike for those animals.

August 6, 2008

Indian Thriller

I don't have any good words for this other than, its my new favorite video.