August 22, 2008

I hate geese

but so far I like what I've read in Wild Goose Chase Reclaim the Adventure of Pursing God by Mark Batterson. I will be giving away a copy of it on my blog next week, when I post my review of the book. If you're interested leave a comment and if you have a goose story that's even better.

And here is my completely unrelated to the book goose story.

Once upon a time I was a nice sweet 11 year old. I was with my mom and dad while they were at some meeting, I think it was to sign paperwork when they were buying a house. I was waiting in the van and my mom had come out with me. There was a big field next to where we were parked and being the active kid I was, I went out into the field to do some cartwheels. There was this big Canadian Goose that was also in the field. I ran towards it a little bit, so it would get scared run away from me, but that isn't what happened. That goose started running towards me. As soon as I realized it I changed directions hurrying to the safety of the van. Before I reached it the goose jumped up, put both its feet on my back and pushed me down to the ground. After that, I'm sure I broke a an Olympic record racing to the van. My mom said she has never seen me move so fast. I was inside before she even had her door open. The evil demon, I mean goose, left me alone after that, but I now have a deep seated dislike for those animals.


Becky said...

Oh, my word...that was hilarious! I can't believe it knocked you down, lol! That would SO have freaked me out.

I've been hissed at by geese, but never chased. My college campus in Minnesota had lots of Canadian geese that would walk the grounds like a gang defending their territory. I kept clear of them and the messes they left behind. I slipped on goose poo once on the way to class, and I'm quite sure the geese in that area were laughing at my demise.

Muddy said...

We tried to take the kids when they were small (4-6 yrs old at the time) to a pond near Elon University. Those geese were agressive and started chasing us as soon as we got there. I told my husband to grab one kid and I'd grab the other so that we could get back into the car. Before getting my daughter, however, one of the geese snapped at her pants leg(missing the skin, but still!!). I scooped her up and ran with my husband not far behind with our son.

Woodlandmama said...

I used to live by McKinley Park in Chicago. That place had some vicious geese. I don't like those things either. Pigs are worse though.