September 22, 2008

Fun Monday - Sports

This week's Fun Monday is sponsored by Heater at Heather's Recipes

The topic: Sports. More specifically, the sports team that you are rabid about. Maybe you love the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe you never miss a Cincinnati Reds game. Perhaps you follow every goal of the Fighting Illini Water Polo team. I want to hear about whatever sports team(s) that make you cry tears of joy when they win and tears of sorrow when they lose.

And on the flip side, I also want to hear about the teams you love to hate and why you hate them so much. You know what I mean. Like when you meet a new friend who is really cool and fun, and then you find out they root for your most hated rival team and you actually consider for a moment that you can't be friends anymore. Those teams.

Well, I don't know very much about sports. I don't understand football and I have no desire to learn. I mostly get basket ball, put the ball in the basket, and you can do it from different spots for different points. Baseball makes sense and I cheer for the Cubs. Because I'm from Chicago and that's what you do. Plus, I'm waiting for them to win the World Series so they can make a Disney movie about it.

My favorite sport is Gymnastics in the Olympics. Its the only one that inspires me to do cartwheels in the yard and attempt the splits.


Heather said...

My husband is a huge Cubs fan, therefore I am too! It would be great if they won it all this year!

I love gymnastics, too. Stayed up late many nights this August watching the USA team.

Thanks for playing this week!

Ali said...

Basketball has become popular in our house since HSM. I must admit, I love watching gymnastics too

Debs said...

I like to play basketball, but not watch it. *LOL*

I never could do a cartwheel, but I envy the people who can. ;)

Alison said...

I am with you on sports....but I love soccer!!

jsi said...

I love watching gymnastics - they are always amazing!

Thanks for sharing - I think the whole country is rooting for the Cubs to win the Series - it could happen!

Karmyn R said...

I love watching Gymnastics too - and am always amazed at the dedication those young girls have to the sport. At 16 I had about as much dedication as a cucumber. haha

Monnik said...

Football for me all the way. Huge Packers fans.

Gymnastics totally makes me nervous when I watch it. I'm not sure why - maybe it's because it's an individual sport and there's so much pressure on the athletes!

kitten said...

I love the Gymnastics in the Olympics also!

Swishy said...

I hope the Cubs win this year, too :)