November 14, 2007

The Return of Jet Black

I got my car back. I have really missed him. Wednesday of last week, he got his tires adjusted, so I can once again drive in a straight line. Then Friday we dropped him off, so he could get his heater fixed. It wasn't working last winter and I was freezing. I kept some gloves in the car, just because the steering wheel was always so cold. He was supposed to be ready for me on Saturday, but he needed an extra part. So he stayed at the mechanic shop.

I drove the red car to work on Sunday. It took a while to get things adjusted to fit me. Levi is a lot bigger and I can never reach the pedals when I first get into his car. I made it to and from work without any problems. Monday however the car decided it missed Levi and didn't want to spend any more time with me behind its wheel.

I got into the car and tried to turn the key, but it would not turn. I tried every trick I could think of. I jiggled it. I took it out and flipped it over and it still would not turn. 10 minutes later I seriously considered not going to work. The car hates me. when I was just about to give up, the key finally turned and I started the car.

I am so glad to have own car back. Jet Black always starts, he even has heat now. Plus, since he came back from the shop the radio is working again. Woot!!

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Rob said...

You just need to sweet talk the red car. She is probably jealous of you spending so much time with him so she does not like you coming around and fingering her knobs and trying to turn her on.

When I took my room mate Erika flying I was sure to explain to Juliette (my plane) that even though Erika is very pretty she should not get jealous because I will always love her. Since I cheated death yet again on that flight the talk seems to have worked! ;)