November 19, 2007

November is Really

Not just National Novel Writing Month, but I think it should also be
• National Clean your Keyboard Month
• National Catch up with Friends Month
• National Play Lego Star Wars Month
• National Think about Finishing Thank You Notes from your Wedding Month
• National Watch TV Month
• National Play on Facebook / Myspace Month
• National make Extravagant Dinner Month (I haven't done this one, but thought about it)
• National Comment on other People's Blogs Month
• National Do Anything but Write your Novel Month

I am very behind in my words. I'm considering taking a vacation day from work and chaining myself to the computer with no internet, just so I can hit that 50,000 word mark by the 30th.


Trish said...

For me it's "Hide until Jan. 2nd" month...

I'm not big on the holidays this time of year.

Just call me Scrooge.

Swishy said...

50,000 words is SO hard to do in a month, though!

Becky said...'ve got your work cut out for you, especially with the Holidays fast approaching. The chapter you posted earlier sounds very intriguing. Good narrative hook. I wanted to know more. To read more. To get further into the story.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, BTW!

Jenster said...

Wow!! So how are you doing count wise??

The Franchise said...

I have a hard enough time writing sir are a trooper...