January 15, 2007

The Nothing Weekend

It seems like its easy to just get so busy, so this past weekend was the nothing weekend. When Levi (the new boyfriend's blog nickname) asked me what I wanted to do I answered with "nothing". Friday we had some dinner and watched some Family Guy. Then Satruday he came to my house and watched Ocean's 11. I needed a time to just be. I have been constantly running for so long.

For a nothing weekend it was rather eventful. In local-now-become-national-news there was a 13 year old kid that was kidnapped. They found him and another child that had been missing for 4 years. Its interesting to see how God works things out. It reminds me of Joseph, something bad had to happen to him, to make things good in the long run. Had the second kid not been taken, the first one probably would have never been found. It took him having to go through that to save the first child.

We also had a big Ice Storm. We were really lucky at my house, we didn't lose power and the many tree branches that fell did not fall on anything important. Although some came really close to my car. Had I parked it about 3 feet up the street I'd probably have to take Jet Black ~the mystery car~ to the car doctor. I feel so bad for my friends who have been without electricity. My family is very prepared, but many people aren't.

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