January 19, 2007

The Nod

Does anyone else have this problem?

What do you do when you see someone in passing in a hallway? You don't really want to have a conversation with them, but its someone that you know. I always feel obligated to smile or nod or do the Hokey Pokey. Sometimes I get a response, sometimes I don't. Other people do the same thing. We will pass in the hallway and they'll say "Hi, whats up?" but walk away not really wanting an answer to the question. Can we just make some kind of universal "I know you, so I acknowledge your presence, but I don't know you well enough, that I want to have a converstaion" motion? Maybe we can do a youtube video similiar to this one?


Slatts said...

Trust me, doing the hokey pokey isn't standart protocol. In fact, it makes you look really silly.

In situations like that I usually make eye-contact, nod my head, and then punch them in the gut.

Jessica R. Goodwin said...

Slatts-- Have you TRIED the hokey pokey in such a situation?

Slatts said...

The only thing more stupid that doing the hokey pokey in that situation would be do admit doing it...you aren't gonna catch me that easy ;)