November 18, 2006

Grinds my Gears

Know what really Grinds my Gears?

This sign on the highway. It says Bryan ROAD. Why is ROAD in all caps? Do they not know that all caps is the text way of yelling? AAAHHHH. See you knew that was supposed to be loud.

I can understand wanting to put an emphasis on something. If the sign read BRYAN road, that would be okay, but nooo, some misinformed person wanted people to yell ROAD every time they drove by. Who emphasizes that word? Its like saying the wizard OF oz. No one cares about the "of". Its just there to connect the cool Wizard part with the Oz part. Why ROAD? tell me. Tell Me! TELL ME!! Its BRYAN road! ! !!!

And that, is what REALLY grinds my gears.


Ron Davis said...

The "Family Guy" reference moved you up a few notches on my list of awesome people.

(and I totally agree with you)

Anthony said...

I think that rule only applies in net speak. If you capitalize a whole word in most contexts it means it is a title. My question is: Why is the section of Bryan ROAD between N and 70 so much easier to travel than the parallel section of K which just happens to be the same size and length?