January 25, 2006

We talked.

We talked. I didn't like what he said very much, but we're still together. The gist of things is this: I want to get married, not next month or anything, but sometime in the semi-near future. Gg wants to go to school first and be able to support a family before he settles down. Considering he hasn't started going to school yet that could be a long wait for me.

I don't want to break up, but neither am I keen on being single forever. While 4 or 5 years isn't forever its a significant amount of time. I have this idea where, if a couple dates for more than a year and has not good reason to wait to get married; they probably shouldn't. I realize that there can be other circumstances, but I have never understood people who date for like 6 years.

I'm not going to say he is "the one", but I really love him. We get along together really well. He fits many of the qualities I would want in a spouse list. Maybe if I were younger I would understand his desire to wait more. I don't see the need. I could help him with college. I already had the experience. How could try to change his mind or deny it of him? Still. I wish he'd think through all his options. He could still get a degree without going to a 4 year school.

He says he is afriad I'm wasting my time being with him. I am not. I consider it time well spent. He makes me happy.

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