December 2, 2005

The Worst Week Ever

I think this has been just about one of the worst weeks ever. It started last weekend when I was just super moody. I even cried because i was told to eat more fish. Sunday morning I had to get up super early to open at Bob Evans, which isn't too big of a deal except I had a cold. Then its bed time and the tornado sirens go off, so we have to stay downstairs until the warning is over. Then I FINALLY go to bed way late and I have to work the next day. Monday was okay besides the fact I was still sick and moody and super tired. Tuesday Grandpa died. I was talking to ana and found out that Ike was arrested and might have to go to jail. Wednesday the only person who likes me at Phesant Point told me he was in a car accident and rolled his truck twice. Fortunately he was okay. Then there is just a bunch of stuff going. Its just been a bad week, I've been super tired and quite stressed. GG has been really good in putting up with me.

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Slatts said...

I'm sorry to hear about your worst week ever. Hopefully Christ will bring joy to heart this Christmas!