June 1, 2005


I have found this really nice coffee house in O'Fallon, its called Picasso's. I have a feeling they are going to know me really well soon with as much time as I spend here, but I like the atmosphere better than Bread Co. and the coffee is good.

My life has settled into this boring mix of looking for a job, working almost full time at the one I have, and helping my parents around the house. I don't get to see much of my friends, but its probably partially my fault. At the same time if they were really good friends dont you think they might call me once in a while?


Paul H said...

You could hook-up with a few other girls and get an apartment. There's something extremely nice about living on your own and learning the discipline of life without a curfew.

If you're paying rent, did you try to negotiate a curfew-less environment?

One possibility would be to start working part-time and pursue a job FT. The job market is pretty nice this year compared to a few previous years.

Paul H said...

I hate to go spiritual on you, but what do you feel God's training you to be/do?