June 14, 2005

Got my Ears Lowered

I just got a new haircut. Its super cute. I don't think its ever been this short before, but I like it. Hopefully now my head won't always be so hot. I just have to say that I did not cut it "Pedro short" my head was not that hot.

Today is the first day I get off of work in 10. I am quite happy. I pratically was living at Bob Evans I spent so much time there. Now I am on protest and refuse to go in until I have to (or they offer me good things).

Tonight my mom and me are going to look at the apartment that I might move into. I hope all goes well. Maybe I'll move this week. It would be super cool, no more curfew, but I'll prolly starve.


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

You can do it, Tanya!!

Your parents are much like your imaginary husband from Frodo's post--they're home and in the way. Moving out will be like sending them out to play golf.

With them out of your hair, think of all things you can accomplish!

Paul H said...

Wait... did she mean "out of your hair"? Did you get your hair cut to symbolize the need to purge your current life of parental entrapments? When you said it was now "cute" did you feel a sense of guilt? When you referred to getting your "ears lowered" was there any menacing thought involving a knife and a van goh painting?