February 11, 2013

Review - Lily Padz

One of the very profitable target markets is new parents. When a family welcomes a new child they are opening up their house (and their pocketbook) to new things. Many people will make changes to their house in preparation for a new baby. They spend money like its going out of style and they get their friends and family to do the same. Since I am a new mom, I want to provide some useful reviews of new products that I have found.

I decided to purchase some Lily Padz. No, they aren't some type of bath toy, they are "milk  leakage preventors". I've learned that milk leaks out when you don't want it to, for no reason at all. It can be really annoying to walk around with wet shirts and bras. Since babies spit and drool, you will probably always have some type of liquid on you, but I really try to limit it as much as possible.

These basically hold pressure on your nipple to keep you from leaking. Although you can expect a few drops to collect in the center if you have had a let down while wearing them. They are slightly curved like a contact lens and have a slightly sticky/tackyness on the inside. So you take them flip them inside out and stick them on, then turning them right side out and they stick like magic. They smooth things out nicely giving you "barbie boobs". I've found as long as you wear a bra or shirt over them they don't really leak. 

So far they have been working well. They sell special Lily wash, but I have been using dish soap which works well. Mainly you want to clean them well so they don't collect lint and oils from your skin causing them to lose their tackiness. The package says they last up to two months, but since they are kind of pricey I am hoping they last much longer.

I wouldn't wear them all day everyday, since they don't really let you nipples breathe, but I think they are a good option. The regular disposable nursing pads feel scratchy to me. 

One last final note. If you have a little milk pool up in the middle, be careful when removing them. I've ended up with milk dripped on my shirt when taking them off to nurse in public. I usually try to keep a burp cloth handy just to have a place to empty them.

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