December 11, 2012

Two Weeks Notice

After 7 long years at the same company, I put in my two weeks notice today. It was really bittersweet. We had planned for this for the past several years, but up until now it was just something we talked about. Today it became real.

I really like my co-workers, they are a lot of fun and make work more enjoyable. Earlier this year I received the promotion I had been working toward a long time. I felt very confident in my ability to do my job and do it efficiently and well. I had been on the team a long time and was one of the "go to" people. I was able to answer just about any question that arose. It felt good that people were able to count on me. I was a really good employee and felt confident in my abilities. It took time to get to that level and I am sad to leave.

I am quitting to be a stay at home mom. I know its not for everyone, but I want to be with my daughter and help her to grow into a smart and pretty woman. I don't want to miss any firsts and want to enjoy every minute of her babyhood. I don't know think I will stay at home forever, but for now this is the plan.

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