October 15, 2012

Day One

I had a daughter almost two weeks ago. My life has changed so much. We wanted a child and planned for this baby a few years back. Matt and I figured out what our pre-children goals were and made a plan to reach them. When the time was right, we started trying and we were very blessed in that it didn't take long for me to become pregnant. I was fortunate to have an easy pregnancy. Yes, I did have morning sickness, I got tired much more easily and towards the end, Matt had to help tie my shoes, but overall I had it pretty good.

We decided to do a homebirth, which was great, but that's a story for another day.

Today is my first day home alone with the baby while Matt's at work. Its kind of cool, kind of scary, since this is my new normal. I'm sort of excited and slightly apprehensive. Will I get board? Can I finally keep the house clean? Am I going to go crazy craving adult interaction? Time will tell, but today is the day that our adventure begins.

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Modern Day Hannah said...

You will do great! Stay in touch with adults via text, facebook, phone calls... :)