July 6, 2009

Office Wars -The Out of Office Notice

It’s been a while since my last Office Wars post. Mostly that is due to work going well and people not doing silly thing, but today I found something that just made me giggle. Due to us office workers getting an extra day off on Friday (for Independence Day on Saturday), many people decided to extend their 3 day weekend into a 4 or 5 day weekend. That was smart planning on their part, maybe next summer I will try that.

However, one thing these people did not consider is their "Out of Office" notice. It is immediately fired back to anyone who dares send them an e-mail while they are gone. At our company it is standard practice to put your backup's name in the notice in case anyone has something urgent.

In our department each morning we send out a Daily Progress Report. Since my supervisor is out today I send the e-mail. I immediately received 4 out of office replies. As I clicked on them I noticed a trend...

"Hi, this is Kara*, I will be out of the office July 1-10, Please contact Danny for any urgent issues..."

Next it is Danny's Out of Office Notice: "Greetings, I will be traveling from July 6 - July 10, please contact Jerry for any immediate needs."

And Jerry's Out of Office Notice. "I will be gone on July 6th and 7th, for assistance please contact Danny (Really? Did you not know he was going to be gone?) or Jennifer."

Thankfully, Jennifer is in the office, but I really, really want to send a e-mail to Kara, then forward it to Danny, then to Jerry, and finally to Jennifer. Whew, I think by the time I finished forwarding it would no longer be urgent. It would be next week.

*Names have been changed to protect my privacy. I don't want you e-mailing my boss.


Monnik said...

Ha! We have that exact same thing happen at my office. Cracks me up every time, though I expect it's frustrating for those who really need to get something done.

Jenster said...

That's funny!