January 6, 2009

A New Post for the New Year.

The last couple months have been busy; I've had lots of things to blog about, but not so much time. Then when I had time, I had no so much motivation. For some reason my best blog posts are composed when I'm warm in bed, when I'm in the shower, and when I'm driving my car. They never make it to my computer. Such a shame.

I did not hit my goal for NANOWRIMO. I'm disappointed in myself. I had two full weeks of overtime at work (when I was only expecting one), which put me so far behind; I didn't have the energy to catch up. Maybe next year.

December was an exciting month. Matt graduated!!! He now has a piece of paper (well he will have it once the school mails it) that says he accomplished something great. I'm really proud of him. He's worked really hard and even had a 4.0 Semester this fall. There ceremony itself was a little disappointing to him. It was supposed to be in the swanky new fine arts building, but due to space they moved it to the gym last minute. The same gym his high school rented for graduation.

We got a new puppy, but he deserves his own post. Let me just say he is adorable, and I am one happy puppy mama.

For the first year ever I managed to send out Christmas cards. I hate what Christmas has become. When I was picking out cards, I had a choice of about 4 that mentioned Jesus. The rest were snow men and Santa Claus, reindeer and holly. That is not what Christmas is about. This website however made me very very happy. http://www.adventconspiracy.org/

That’s all for now.


Cara Mck said...

Can't wait for puppy pics!
ps loves* [AC] :) glad you like!

Muddy said...

Looking forward to some puppy pictures.

I was fortunate to find some nice Christmas cards that simply displayed the "reason for the season" with a nice graphic of Jesus in the manger and equally simplistic words inside. They had 'em at Hallmark.