October 17, 2008


Earlier this week I mentioned that I had reviewed a second book. this one is called "Churched" and its written by Matthew Paul Turner. I thought I would really enjoy the book since one blog I like to read is Stuff Christians Like. There were several things, that made me giggle. Page 191, talks about worrying that Jesus will come back before you get to have sex, when you're a teen. They talk about having contests to "win people for Christ" where the winner gets some sea monkeys. As a child Matthew felt like he needed to "save a seat on the bus for Jesus". Most of his stories are funny, a few are very sad. The people at his church were very well intentioned, but somehow they seemed to scare people into salvation, instead of loving them.

I found his story very relatable, having grown up in the church myself and because I attended a skirt wearing, long hair, no makeup school when I was jr high age. Still, when I reached the end of the book I was kind of disappointed. I felt like, he didn't resolve his story, but he is still a young guy and perhaps he has more for us to read.

If you want to purchase the book, you can find it here or you can leave a comment on my blog and I will mail you a copy. I only have one to give away though, so you'd bette be quick.


Shakespere said...

Interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it. thanks

Becky said...

That is HILARIOUS! I totally remember worrying about the rapture happening before I got to have sex, lol.

I was one of those that was 'scared' to Salvation as a young girl...and I'm sure glad I was! I also remember getting "prizes" for bringing kids to church.

Mrz Pinka-Dinkela said...

i never worried baout not getting to have sex...but i used to pray it would happen before i learned to drive!!! I was so terrified of driving....lol