April 18, 2008


Last night, I woke up startled and a grabbed my husband's arm. It woke him up too. The house was shaking, but it was strange. Our first thought was that it was the wind, but it didn't sound like the wind. I got up and looked out the window and things were very peaceful. Nope, no storms. We laid in bed a while longer, then I said, I'm going to look out back. Our garage is in the back of our house. I thought maybe someone hit their garage (we live in a townhouse). Nothing strange out there.

Then we turned on the tv flipped through the channels. Nothing. We really started thinking we had imagined it and were going crazy. I mean the shaking was little enough that nothing in our house was knocked over. We tried googling, hoping the local news might have something online. Then Matt says, "lets check www.ar15.com". Sure enough someone had posted about the earthquake.

I just had to laugh, that the first place people go is the internet. Before the news, came on at 5 am, we were talking about the earthquake with other people online.

EDIT: 10:30 and we had an aftershock. I have decided I do not like earthquakes.


Melissa said...

Slept right through it...I wish I had been awake!!

Becky said...

It is amazing when you stop and think about it...the internet is the speed of life, the news groups are often behind the game because they have to wait for folks to drive to the location to report on it.

A similar thing happened to us once. There was a quake centered out in the middle of the Mojave desert, and we felt it bigtime, but found nothing on it. Just when we were beginning to wonder if we were nuts, someone called into the local radio station, "Am I crazy, or was there just a good sized earthquake." And there had been.

Robin said...

I missed the aftershock, I was driving on the highway. :(

NerdyRedneck Rob said...
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NerdyRedneck Rob said...

(take two) You mean you were in bed with someone of the opposite sex and you missed that opportunity!?!?

It rattled Springfield pretty good! It lasted way to long here for you to think was an accident or anything. I thought it was an explosion at first but it went on and on and on. (20 seconds)

I was an earthquake virgin so it *really* got my attention!

Jenster said...

Oy! I love earthquakes!! (I grew up in LA) Well, let me restate that. I like the more common, fairly mild earthquakes. Not sure why. But the big shakers - not so much.

We had an earthquake when we lived in Arkansas and that was kind of weird. Enjoyed it, though!

Jules said...

So glad you're okay. When I heard about the earthquake... a few mnutes ago...... I thought about you.

Living in LA I've experience a few, but none recently. Of course, I've probably just now cursed myself. Knock on wood.

The ones I've experienced have always reminded me of a subway train going by right inderneath your feet. The rumble and the low rumbling noise...... a joy to wake up to!!!

Manic Mom said...

There was an aftershock! I only felt the first part!