March 4, 2008

Snow Storm in STL

So the weather people say we're supposed to get mountains of snow today. I expected to wake up to a winter wonderland, instead I saw streets that had dustings of whiteness, which I assume was salt. Now its picked up a bit. I rely on a building that is across the river to judge how good visibility is and there fore how much snow is coming down. When I can see it, its good. When I can't, the snow, rain, or fog is really thick.

People in St. Louis are funny. When you look out into the parking lot you see all these cars with their wiper blades sticking straight out. I assume it is so they don't stick to the windshield, but really when have they stuck so much you couldn't unstick them? Then you have the people who decide to cover the windshield with a blanket or a piece of cardboard. In theory that seems like a good idea. Then you don't have to scrape your window. Unfortunately it seems like the wind will blow their stuff off, or even when it stays in place, you still have to deal with a big wet something. Do you put it in your car so that everything gets all wet and snowy? I just don't know.
Then the people here are such wimps when it comes to snow. Even though the ground was dry at 9:00am, schools were still cancelled. People didn't come into work. I mean its just some wet water, they sky is not falling, the world is not ending. Maybe I'm just sad, because work never gets cancelled because of snow. I want to spend a day at home roasting marshmallows in the fireplace with a good book and some hot chocolate.


Robin said...

The snow's not so bad, but try being trapped inside with kids on ANOTHER snow day. AAARGH!

Jenster said...

I don't mind driving in snow. But when I lived in Arkansas we had some terrible ice storms and you can't drive on that stuff!

Hopefully spring is on its way!

Becky said...

I'm with Jenster...driving through snow isn't bad (I actually enjoyed that...I took it as kind of a challenge), but ice is a different story.

Loved our visibility test, lol.

Spring is coming soon! YAY!

Muddy said...

I heard on the news you guys got 10 inches today.

We had a neighbor growing up that had pressed boards she would put on her windshield at night in the winter. I think they worked idealy in the frost, but I cannot imagine them working well in the snow. She kept them in her trunk. It is sort of interesting to think about because she was so meticulous about so many areas of her life. That she wouldnt care to put a wet pressed board in her trunk confounds me now.

Cecily R said...

I drive like an idiot in the snow. I get stuck all the time. I am so ready for Spring this year it's pathetic. Around here we are finally seeing grass and hearing birds. It's about time!

Melissa said...

Ok, the windshield wiper thing? Totally weird...I've never seen anything like that before.

Let's hope that is the last snow you guys get this year.

Rob said...

As you already read I had to cope with th eaftermath of that little storm. I give that one a 9.5 on my icky-meter.

I used to have a couple of clients in STL and I was taught the windshild trick while I was there. They also taught me to tie plastic grosery bags over the outside mirrors too.

I don't cover the windshield anymore though- I will have to blog about why I don't do that any more though! :)

Jill said...

The wiper blade sticking out is to prevent them from getting so icy and make cleaning the windshield off easier. I had never seen it either until we moved to IA where it is actually necessary since we get SOOOO much snow and ice. We are 3 inches away from breaking the all time record for snowfall in our area!